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Timbres Ex-IQuebec/IFrance

A few jpg i'm having to repost here since they dissappeared from the free web server they were on (IQuebec/IFrance) and that my Netscape free space is full.
Zeuxine glandulosa of Bhutan.

Zanthozylum amarum of Nepal.

Wormia triquetra of Sri Lanka.

Weigelia hortensis of Korea, nicely done.

Wedelia triloba Singapore, stylized.

Vuylsetekeara Cambria 'Plush' of Tanzania.

Vaccinium myrtillus Slovensko

Ulex europeus of the Isle of Man

Trientalis europaea of Finland.

Trichoglottis fasciata Thailand

Tribulus arabicus from the United Arab Emirates.

Thuyopsis dolabrata Nippon. Japan has nicely produced stamps, but unfortunatly often devoid of the name of the plant represended. One has to search catalogues or the web for that info.

Tithonia diversifolia of Thailand. This country has usually nice small quaint stamps with the plant's latin name included. Very good.

Thrixspermum subulatum Pilipinas. The Philipines, with there ususally cheaply produced stamps.

Thlaspi rotundifolium of the Magyarorszag.

Thea sinensis of Ecuador

Telfaira occidentalis de la Cote D'Ivoire.
Actually: Telfairia occidentalis.


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Siegrfried said...

Congratulations for the Blog!
The images of the stamps are great!You collect these stamps?
They are very beautiful even!
Keep it up!

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