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Photos Nuémriques Stéréoscopiques.

For a while, I've been thinking that there must be a way to create 3D pics with digital cameras without a special 2 lense camera. You just take one picture and then another one of almost the same but just about a few inches to the right of the first pic. So I've tried this today at last. This is the end product. Not all trials were successful but here are the best ones. To see these without a viewer is easy but not all people can do it. One has to slowly cross one's eyes so that the 2 pics overlap. Then, the 2 pics will merge and lock and become 3D. If you have difficulty, read this tutorial at
I takes a bit of training of the eyes. Sometimes instead of approaching the eyes one to the other, it's easyer to widen them apart and that does the same effect.

Click on the pics to see them full size.
You can download the pics and create a slideshow and keep the eyes crossed the same thruout the slideshow. That works well.

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