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New Genera: Falkland Islands 1995

These are from the Falkland Islands, south Atlantic.

Berberis ilicifolia is actually only an addition. I've already posted another Berberis, B. libanotica, but it's latin name was not mentioned on the stamp. This time it is and so a preferable option. Different species of Berberis have been shown on stamps but this is the only one with it's latin name inscribed.

Hebe x franciscana (above) and Hebe elliptica (below). H. speciosa has been shown on a stamp of New Zealand and I have already posted it. Some call it Veronica speciosa.

Ulex europaeus. This genus has been shown few times on stamps and this is the only time i've seen it with a latin name. I've already posted one of this specie from the Isle of Man.

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