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New genera: Hungary

A few new genera for my Philatelic Herbarium, this time from hungarian stamps (Magyarország & Magyar Posta). Steriphoma paradoxa from 1991. The only specie of this genus on a stamp, it was also shown on a stamp of Guyana in 1994.
Mandevilla splendens also of 1991.

Leschenaultia biloba of 1992, the only time a specie of this genus is mentioned on a stamp. It was also shown on an 1990 Austalian stamp as part of a bouquet of flowers, but without mentioning it's name.

Comesperma ericinum is too of 1992. The one and only time a specie of this genus is shown on a stamp.

Nidularium fulgens on the left, and Billbergia nutans on the right from way back in 1971. Nidularium has been shown on Brazilian stamps form 1992. Not this specie but 2 other ones. Billbergia has not been shown elswhere.

Beloperone guttata of 1991 has been shown a few times on stamps.

Anigosanthos manglesii from 1992. Sort of a national flower of Australia, it's been shown on occasion on stamps. I've already posted a stamp of this genus but am adding this one since it's latin name is mentioned on it.

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