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Geocities Archived

I used to have extensive html pages on the now dead geocities web site. Well, not totally dead as it's on in Japan only these days. But for the rest of the world, geocities was closed on 2009 1027. Just before that, I did a mad scramble to transfer all my geocities web pages to google's blogger web site blogspot. But today, I just discovered that an archival web site called oocities archives the now dead geocities web pages. And that yes they do archive my ex pages. They are all there from Good ol' basic html....
         That page leads to the taxonomic list at  From there, links are sometimes still dead. Links to and other pages lead to dead ends.  Same with pages under (Netscape's also now dead web pages that I also transfered to Blogger),
          On the other hand, some (not all) links to jpg images under lead to the same jpg but under (like leads to, but not from here, only from the Taxonomic List web page).  Same with pages under (Blogger's images domain), (the Blogger pages you are on now), pages to, pages to
           Anyway, I'm posting this here mainly as a note to self but also for archival reasons. Could be useful later.

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