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6 from Europe

Again 6 new genera. This time from 3 European countries.

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1.50 Brændeskærm TRUET FLORA DANMARK NAUR KLINT del. 1977 KÜHLMAN sc.
Cnidium dubium. Apiaceae, i.e. famille de la carotte. Nom latin non mentionné. Latin name not mentioned.

One new genera from this 4 stamp sheet:

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90 Saraca caudiflora HELVETIA
Fabaceae; Subfamily: Caesalpinioideae. One stamp of a group of 4 from Switzerland.

And 4 from Ireland:

ÉIRE 65c Hyacinthoides non-scripta Coinnle corra Bluebell
Liliaceaea. I already had one of this specie but now this one is better since the latin name is on it.

Umbillicus rupestris ÉIRE 75c Cornán caisil Navelwort

ÉIRE 78c Sifín Black bog-rush Schoenus nigricans

ÉIRE 95c Lythrum salicaria Créachtach Purple loosestrife
A very invasive non-native here in North America. Lythraceae.

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